CELPIP Preparation

What is CELPIP?

The CELPIP Tests are Canada’s leading general English tests for immigration, citizenship, and professional designation. It is especially developed by Canadian EFL experts to make testing of candidates’ level of English simpler and easier.

The exam is very similar to any language test (IELTS or TOEFL) with major differences in the formats of tasks.

CELPIP Preparation

1-on-1 lessons with a professional EFL Trainer guarantee the fastest and the most thorough exam preparation with a focus on active aspects: Speaking & Writing. Individual CELPIP lessons guarantee the quickest progress and a stable improvement of your total CELPIP score.

CELPIP Preparation includes necessary skills & knowledge for each exam question as well as improvement of learners’ language skills. Plenty of speaking practice at the lessons and multiple writing hometasks guarantee the most effective CELPIP preparation.

Each lesson is devoted to a particular skill or a topic of the CELPIP test. I value my students’ time and try to make my lessons intensive and productive. Class activities often include discussions, active vocabulary and grammar practice as well as coherence drills.  Extra emphasis is put on CELPIP exam criteria of Speaking and Writing answers.

I will provide all the necessary materials and guidance, and also ensure step-by-step progress. In addition, I provide and check homework for each lesson.

One academic hour (45 minutes) costs 20$ (before any discounts). This includes the lesson itself, full homework check as well as preparation of materials for the individual CELPIP lesson.

Each class can be 1-2 academic hours long.

The price of one class will depend on the following factors:

  • Time & Days of the lessons
  • Current level and goals
  • Special offers & Discounts


It is advised to take a minimum of 3 Speaking and 3-4 Writing lessons to get acquainted with exam format and question types as well as have a small amount of practice. Naturally, depending on a candidate’s level, more lessons may be required to ensure a high score at the exam.

The exact number of classes will be discussed at the trial lesson.

Your CELPIP Trainer - Alex Vlasov

CELPIP is quite a new exam and the quantity of teaching staff and materials is limited. That is why finding the right CELPIP tutor is vital. I started preparing for CELPIP in 2018 with more than 50 students achieving great scores (9+) already.

Having a professional EFL background and plenty of experience with other English tests, such as IELTS and TOEFL, I am capable of preparing my students for CELPIP test the highest level.

Alex Vlasov - EFL Teacher

What my students say

I tried to prepare for CELPIP myself first, but when I saw speaking and writing questions I decided that it's better to study with a teacher because the questions were difficult and I didn't know what to do. Alex explained how the answers are marked and we had lots of practice at our lessons. Definitely recommend lessons with Alex to others!
Julia Review - CELPIP
Julia N.

CELPIP 9 / 12
CELPIP was more confusing to me than IELTS, especially the speaking part. Thanks to Alex I knew what to expect, what to do in each section and how to answer exam questions properly. I got 10 which is very high!
Alex Pic
Mark F.

CELPIP 10 / 12