General English Lessons


General English - Individual Lessons

General English classes for all levels starting from Elementary. Lessons are focused on improving learners’ language skills with an extra emphasis on the active aspects – Speaking & Writing. 

In teaching, I use communicative approach to guarantee steady and quick progress of language abilities as well as thorough understanding of various lexical and grammatical topics. The lessons include plenty of speaking practice on the most actual topics and are designed to be extremely productive and efficient.

At the first (trial) class, we will evaluate your level of English language and I will suggest the best course & programme for your purposes and goals.

If you have ever studied English (at school, university or in courses), but have forgotten a lot and do not feel confident in speaking and writing, and it is also difficult for you to understand fluent English speech, then most likely you have Elementary level. 

It is very important to move from simple to complex here (there is no need to study all 12 tenses if there is still confusion with Present Simple / Continuons). 

The Elementary course lasts ~ 2-3 months and includes active vocabulary and basic grammar, without which one can hardly imagine English conversations & texts. We will also pay great attention to listening, as this will not only help you to understand English, but also improve speaking skills (Fluency, Pronunciation).

This level is a logical continuation of Elementary: frequent confusion in basic constructions and words is gone, however, a student still may make several mistakes. You can also convey your thoughts in simple words, ask and answer simple questions, however, not always freely and confidently.

This level is aimed specifically at improving the existing base, consolidating the basic grammatical and syntactic structures, and, of course, it provides a large amount of practice in all aspects. Classes at the Pre-Intermediate level also include the most popular topics and the necessary vocabulary for them, which will allow you to communicate with sufficient confidence on everyday topics.

Intermediate level is the most common among English language learners today. You already have a good understanding of basic grammar: actively use 3-4 tenses, modal verbs and other aspects. In addition, you are familiar with the most popular topics and relevant vocabulary.

At this level, it is very important to understand your goals and objectives – what exactly you need English for, and you can start moving in the chosen direction (Business English, IELTS preparation, professional English, etc.).

A big problem for many students at this level is weak active vocabulary and active grammar: you may know many expressions and complex constructions, but don’t use them in speech. That is exactly what we focus on during the lessons of General English at Intermediate level. Plus, I add quite a lot of writing tasks and exercises, since many students do not have the necessary writing practice.

This level shows that you are a confident and experienced user of the English language. Perhaps you often communicate in English, conduct business correspondence at work, or simply have a lot of experience in learning the language.

At the Upper-Intermediate level, it is extremely important to understand the “weak points” and focus on them (this can be specific tenses (Past Perfect, for example), certain topics and vocabulary, or some aspect in general, for example, listening).

The topics for lessons are also selected based on your tasks and preferences: if you would like to prepare for IELTS in the future, then it would be a great idea to touch such themes as Education, Employment, Health & Lifestyle, Environment etc.

The Advanced & Proficiency level corresponds to the C1 – C2 level according to the international classification. The difference between them is minimal – mainly vocabulary and active grammar.

At this level, it is very important not only to repeat and review previous topics, but also to learn new ones (even in grammar there are many nuances that may be confusing). Classes may include a lot of work with unadapted sources (books, articles, interviews, etc.) as well as discussions of modern content (news articles, videos etc.).

Your EFL Teacher - Alex Vlasov

I began teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in 2009 – I had my first individual lesson back then. Since that time, I have improved my teaching skills & qualifications dramatically, plus, I got plenty of practical knowledge and real classroom experience. This enables me to teach English as a Foreign Language at a high level.

I believe that the lessons of English must not only be productive and informative, but also engaging and stimulating. That is why I create my classes individually for each student and no class is the same as others.


What my students say

"Alex, thank you very much! You are the most incredible English teacher I ever encountered!!! Never enjoyed English lessons as much as yours. I took 3-mounth English course to improve English for my new job and this course was right on with important key elements relevant to many aspects in my work. It was really effective for me, discussions were fantastic, Alex gave me amazing written feedback with relevant comments and suggestions. It was my great pleasure to be your student!!!"
Darya - Review
Darya R.

"I would like to recommend Alex to everyone who wants to quickly improve his english level. We've done together only 6 lessons in about 2 months, but it was sufficient to make a huge improvement of my english, both in speaking skills and grammar knowledge. So if you are looking for English Teacher - no doubt Alex will be your best choice!"
Alexander - Review
Alexander T.

"Wonderful teacher! I recommend to everyone !! With Alex you will receive the maximum amount of useful information. A very responsible approach, thoughtful lessons, interesting material. In his classes you will definitely not be bored. For a long time I could not find a suitable tutor, I didn’t even realize how problematic it can be. And having met Alex, I was pleasantly surprised. Always positive attitude, relaxed atmosphere, well-built program. The classes are truly productive. My impressions of him are the most positive. This teacher will delight you not only with his professionalism, but also with his attitude. Thank you very much."
Maria Review
Maria G.