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Individual Lessons

1-on-1 lessons with a professional IELTS Trainer guarantee the fastest and the most thorough exam preparation with a focus on IELTS Speaking & IELTS Writing. 

Each class is designed to improve learner’s language skills as well as get necessary IELTS test practice.

1-to-1 IELTS lessons are conducted online through one of the most convenient conferencing platforms (Zoom, Google Meet or Skype) or in-person (St. Petersburg, Russia).

You can take any number of classes, even one or two. For the most effective IELTS Preparation it is recommended to take 10 classes: 3 lessons of IELTS Speaking, 4 lessons of IELTS Writing and 1-2 of Reading & Listening.

Each lesson is devoted to a particular skill or a topic of the IELTS test. I value my students’ time and try to make my lessons intensive and productive. Class activities often include discussions, active vocabulary and grammar practice as well as coherence drills.  

I will provide all the necessary materials and guidance, and also ensure step-by-step progress. In addition, I provide and check homework for each lesson.

You can start preparing for IELTS at any level starting from Pre-Intermediate (though, Intermediate would be much better). It takes on average 1-2 months to increase total IELTS score by 1.0.

With lower levels of English, it is recommended to have 10-15 lessons of General English before beginning IELTS preparation.

IELTS Writing Check

Professional checking of your IELTS Task 2 (essays) and Task 1 (letters or diagram descriptions) is exactly the same as at the real exam: your writing will be evaluated based on 4 IELTS criteria. In addition, it will include a full analysis and correction of grammatical and lexical mistakes, as well as improvement suggestions.

Each submitted work takes up to 72 hours to be fully marked, however I do my best to check it as soon as possible, so you might receive a marked answer for IELTS Writing Task 1 or Task 2 in 24 hours at times.






Price for 1 minute

Your text






25 $



One 1-to-1 lesson with a professional IELTS tutor. 




225 $

250 $

22,5 $ PER HOUR

Packet of 10 lessons which are focused on the fundamentals of IELTS exam.




425 $


21,25 $ PER HOUR

20 lessons of IELTS Preparation which include all exam question types for each Section.




899 $

1,125 $


Most thorough plan: it includes all IELTS question types for each Section as well as Vocabulary and Grammar boost.

Your IELTS Trainer - Alex Vlasov

I’ve been preparing students for the IELTS test since 2015 and a total of 10 years of real classroom experience. My qualifications of EFL teacher (2012) and Professional IELTS Trainer (2015, 2017) allow me to teach at the highest level and guarantee the top quality IELTS Preparation.

Almost all of my students achieve the required band score with majority of them getting 1.0-2.0 higher overall result. The highest result of my students was 8.5 overall, and the average score of more than 250 students in 2019-2020 is 7.13 overall.

Alex Vlasov - EFL Teacher

What my students say

"Best teacher ever! Every class is great, Alex is very professional and charismatic, I felt that he really wants to improve my English. My English wasn't so good when we began individual IELTS preparation,we had to start with General English for the first 3-4 months. After that we had IELTS lessons and finally I managed to get a 7.0 overall band! :)"
Student IELTS Preparation
Olga T.

7.0 Overall band score
"I took 10 lessons with Alex in 2019 to prepare for IELTS individually. I already had Upper-Intermediate so we just focused on exam questions and in one month I felt very confident especially in speaking. The exam went exactly as I expected, I was ready for each part and I was quite lucky with the topic because we practiced it at the last lesson before the exam )) Thanks, Alex!"
Student IELTS Preparation
Jane K.

8.0 Overall band score
"I needed IELTS to study abroad and the minimum was 6.0. The most difficult for me was speaking coz I don't have any practice. We did a lot of speaking practice of all exam questions. I got 6,5 overall in the end! I recommend lessons with Alex to everyone."
IELTS Student pic
Konstantin R.

6.5 Overall band score
"I was super nervous about IELTS writing, especially the essays because I don't have much experience. I wanted to take lessons first, but after 3 classes Alex told me that the speaking is fine and I don't need to worry much about it and suggested to practice writing on my own, and that's what I did. I think I wrote around 10 essays and letters in total and Alex' feedback really helped to get a high score. I think 7.0 for writing is great!
IELTS Student pic
Helen F.

7.5 Overall band score

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